Asia Cuanon decorated insulation panel system contributed to the construction of Beijing Daxing International Airport, and forged the largest aviation hub in the world

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In the morning of June 28th, Phase I of eastern base project construction was successfully completed for Beijing Daxing International Airport. Comprehensive completion of the entire airport construction was about to start.

With the help of unique brand advantages, Asia Cuanon decorative insulation panel system won the bidding for two projects of Beijing Daxing International Airport-- the outer walls of the office building of Beijing Immigration and Inspection Bureau and the headquarters building of Armed Police for Airport Construction Department. 

Nowadays, with the increasingly frequency of international exchange, airports will leave the first impression on visiting guests and tourists from across the nation and around the world. For Beijing, as the capital of China, the international airport is considered as the national identity.

Beijing Daxing International Airport, known as the millennium project of civil aviation, was jointly designed by Zaha Hadid Institute and ADPI. The project was initiated in 2014 with a total investment sum of 79.98 billion yuan. It is expected to put into operation on September 30th this year. 

The gigantic and starfish-shaped airport covers a total area of 1.03 million. In the initial stages, annual passenger throughput will reach 45 million.In 2025, it will reach 74 million.The figure will also exceed 100 million in 2040. After the comprehensive and overall completion,Beijing Daxing International Airport will become the largest airport and aviation hub in China and around the world, which will be regarded as the new gatefor displaying the image of our nation.



In 2006, Asia Cuanon decorated insulation panel system was utilized in the first public construction project--the office building of Power Supply Bureau in Chuzhou, Anhui Province. Over the past 13 years, Asia Cuanon decorated insulation panel system has been adopted by many national construction projects, such as the ten stadiums of Beijing Beijing Olympic Games, the overpass of Shanghai World Expo and refurbishment of old communities for State Forestry Bureau in Beijing,etc. 

Asia Cuanon is not just a manufacturer of decorated insulation panel system, but also a solution provider for external wall insulation and decoration. Asia Cuanon formulated solutions of decorated insulation panel system and external wall insulation for two construction projects at the same time. The facade not only appeared steady and straight in architectural style. Moreover, Asia Cuanon provided overall security assurance from three aspects: material, structure and anchoring.

The office building of Beijing Immigration and Inspection Bureau was constructed by Beijing Urban Construction Group. Considering its symbolic identity of the national gate and functions of office buildings, the project design involved gate-shapedelements. Besides, Asia Cuanon decorative insulation panel system was also applied in the 13,000 of outer walls. Straight lines highlighted the solemn, grand, steady and vigorous momentum of building elevation. 

Quarry-faced stones with royal colors were used in outer facing, so as to create the genuine textures of natural stones. As for the insulating layer, Asia Cuanon thermosetting polystyrene panels were utilized, so as to demonstrate excellent thermal insulation performance, physical performance and fireproof performance.

The project is confidential at the national level. The final acceptance of construction was conducted on June 5th. Acceptance of fire protection was completed on June 20th. When the airport is officially operated on September 30th, you will experience the magnificence of buildings, convenience of facilities and stunning visual effects. You will also see the office building of Immigration and Inspection Bureau in the northeast of the primary runway built by Asia Cuanon.


Outer walls of Beijing Immigration and Inspection Bureau

The office building of Armed Police for Airport Construction Department was designed by Liu Yuhui, a master architect in IPPR. Decorative insulation panels and glass curtain wall were delicately incorporated. U-shaped layout perfectly combined architectural composition with the external facade, thus fully demonstrating the stiff and smooth traits of production boards. 

Asia Cuanon decorative insulation panel system, quarry-faced stones with royal colors and insulating layer of polystyrene boards were applied in the 18,000of outer walls. The project was preliminarily checked on June 17th, and comprehensive completion acceptance was conducted on June 27th


The office building of Armed Police for Airport Construction Department


Project was successfully accepted for smooth completion

Over the past decade, Asia Cuanon has been involved in many national and symbolic construction projects, thus proving the superior quality and system security of the decorated insulation panel system In the future, Asia Cuanon will continue to play a leading role in the composite board industry. Asia Cuanon will also strive to enhance its brand strength based on innovation and superb products, in order to promote the application of production boards in public construction projects across the nation.