Asia Cuanon has reached strategic cooperation collection with many large-scale real estate development enterprises in the country. During many years of service, Asia Cuanon has won many honors from TOP real estate such as “Evergrande Group Excellent Supplier”, “Vanke Real Estate A Class Supplier”, “Central South Real Estate Best Quality Award”, “R&F Real Estate Best Partner”, “Powerlong Real Estate Excellent Partner”. Asia Cuanon will continue to play the advantages of products and services to create value for customers and serve a better life.

Comprehensive Cooperation between Asia Cuanon and TOP Real Estate

Vanke:exterior/interior wall coating, exterior/interior wall insulation, solvent-free/water-based floor, ceramic tile glue/plastering gypsum

Evergrande:exterior wall coatings, DIPS

Country Gardenfinished panels, compiled standard color

SUNAC:exterior/interior wall coatings, DIPS 

Greentown:exterior wall coatings, DIPS

In total, it has reached strategic cooperation and centralized mining with 88 large-scale real estate development enterprises in China, and the top 100 real estate companies are using the products of Asia